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FORTIFIED Roof™ protects your Greatest investment against the elements and helps reduce losses during severe weather.



FORTIFIED Roof (formerly FORTIFIED Bronze) helps homes better withstand severe weather by keeping the roof on and keeping water out.  Based on years of research, FORTIFIED Roof protects against wind and wind-driven rain by:

  • Improving roof sheathing attachment

  • Providing a sealed roof deck

  • Reducing chances of attic ventilation system failure (roof vents and gable end wall vents)


Alabama House Bill 283

Recent legislation enacted in Alabama (HB 283) requires “insurance companies writing homeowners insurance [to] offer a fortified bronze roof endorsement to upgrade a non-fortified home, which is otherwise eligible for a fortified standard, to a fortified standard identified in Section 27-31D-2, when the insured incurs damage covered by the policy requiring the roof to be replaced.”

Offered for a premium, these endorsements will insure the additional costs of bringing a roof to the FORTIFIED Roof standards, as well as the necessary costs for FORTIFIED certification.  The endorsements will only apply to homes that meet the minimum eligibility standards of the FORTIFIED program, and will only be triggered when a full roof replacement is otherwise covered by the insurer.

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