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If you live in a townhouse community, single family home, or operate a clubhouse, having a roofing problem involves more than just you. Your homeowner’s association has requirements that your property needs to abide by, and that is where we come in. We're ready to help property owners have expert repairs and replacements that follow the guidelines laid out by their homeowner’s associations. 


HOA Compliance

As a resident who is a member of a Homeowners Association, your roof could be covered by your monthly or annual dues, or it could not be covered at all and solely be your responsibility. It is important that you understand your HOA roofing covenants before you begin, however if you are unsure, we are happy to help you with this as well. Many neighborhoods have restrictions in place on the type of material, color, and weight of the shingles. We’ll help you with the following before your roofing work begins:

  • Determining if there is an active HOA in the neighborhood

  • Carefully examining the covenants about roofing and providing solutions based on those guidelines

  • Submitting plans for your new roof to the HOA for approval before installation

  • Installing the roof with expert craftmanship while complying with HOA guidelines

We will ensure that your new roofing investment not only complies with your HOA, but it is also a beautiful, functional new addition to your home.


Keeping Communication Open

While your HOA is concerned with the property values of your neighborhood, the approval process can take longer than some would like. At Henderson Roofing, we will keep the lines open with your HOA and offer solutions that keep everyone happy. In the event that your HOA disagrees with the suggested improvements to your home, we will work with you and them to provide a resolution. We will do everything we can to ensure your home stays protected during this process. You’ll never have to worry when we’re on your side.

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