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Signs It's Time to Call a Roofing Professional

Signs It's Time to Call a Roofing Professional

There are a number of important reasons to hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof regularly for any potential problems. Even a roof that looks like part of a fortress might have some weak areas. A professional inspection offers safety advantages and saves time. A trained, experienced roofing professional can also spot damage that goes unnoticed by an untrained eye. Homeowners should understand when it might be in their best interest to get a professional's opinion.

Signs That You Need a Professional Inspection

If ascending a ladder and crawling all over your roof makes you nervous, you can still spot some warning signs that you need a professional inspection. The factors that play the most havoc on the condition of your roof are aging, extreme temperatures, and severe weather. Any of them can result in leaks or a reduction in your home’s value.

Roof life expectancy could be 20 to 80 years, depending on the material used. A good average is 20 to 25 years. Asphalt shingles begin curling at around 20 years with ventilation problems. Checking the inspection report when you purchased your home should reveal the roof’s age. Another age indicator is dark streaks, signs of algae that have traveled in the air and stuck to the roof over an extended period.

Eyeballing your roof can reveal problems indicating the need to repair or replace. Be on the lookout for:

• Buckling or curling shingles • Missing shingles • Loose material around pipes and chimneys • Pieces of shingles in gutters • Soft spots on the roof interior that could signal rotting plywood • Ceiling leaks • Seeing daylight through roof boards Additionally, homeowners often want to check out their roof if they're thinking of selling, as it can be less of a hassle to deal with issues sooner rather than when buyers come by and inspect their home. You can spot some signs of roof damage after severe weather. Hail causes cracking, bruising, and missing asphalt granules. Misshapen shingles and edge damage suggest high wind pressure. Small pieces of shingles on the ground might be the result of a tree scraping against the roof.

What to Expect from a Professional Inspector

The goal of a professional roofing inspection is providing you with an accurate evaluation of your roof’s condition and what you might need to do to correct any problems. Here’s what you should expect.

The contractor will perform an interior inspection that includes going into the attic and evaluating whether it has the right insulation, including R-value. The roofer also checks ventilation and assesses mold and moisture.

A full exterior inspection requires getting on the roof to assess any wear and tear. The roofer lets you know about the condition of your shingles, any ice dams, and leaks. The inspector checks the condition of the chimney if you have one and of flashing on dormers, side walls, eaves, rakes, and valleys. A sagging roof deck needs an immediate fix. Gutters that are noisy when you shake them are often a sign of shingles with considerable wear.

After the inspection, the roofer will prepare a plan that shows what needs to be done to get your roof into satisfactory condition, including any work that should be performed immediately. A detailed written estimate should accompany these recommendations.

Why worry about unidentified issues with your roof? Discovering problems now can help prevent major expenses later and might even stop you from replacing a roof prematurely.

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